Scuba Diving

Do you want to dive in the area?

Scuba diving is a fascinating aquatic activity that allows you to explore the underwater world and immerse yourself in a completely different environment. By diving below the surface of the water, divers have the opportunity to discover a vibrant marine ecosystem full of life, with a diversity of species and incredible underwater landscapes.


One of the first things you learn when diving is the basic equipment needed. This includes a diving mask that allows you to see clearly underwater, fins that facilitate movement and a scuba regulator that provides air from a scuba tank. Also used are buoyancy waistcoats, known as jackets, which allow the diver to control their buoyancy and ascent in the water.



Scuba diving can be classified into two main categories: snorkelling and scuba diving. Snorkelling involves swimming on the surface of the water with a mask, snorkel and fins, allowing you to observe marine life close to the surface. Scuba diving, on the other hand, involves descending to greater depths using compressed air cylinders and additional equipment.

The Opportunity to Explore

When diving, scuba enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore colourful coral reefs, underwater caves, historic shipwrecks and a myriad of marine species, grouper, sea bass, frigate mackerel, dentex, bream, scorpion fish, red mullet, red mullet, milt, cuttlefish, squid, octopus and squid.. In addition to the beauty of the underwater world, diving also offers a sense of tranquillity and peace as you float in the water and admire the marine life.


However, diving also involves certain risks and proper training is required to dive safely. Diving certification is essential to learn the necessary skills, safety techniques and knowledge about equipment and decompression tables.

For a clean sea


In addition to being an exciting and fascinating activity, scuba diving also promotes conservation of the marine environment. Conservation-conscious divers are often involved in ocean clean-up initiatives, marine species monitoring and environmental education to promote the protection of underwater ecosystems.

In short, scuba diving is an exciting activity that provides an opportunity to explore the underwater world and connect with nature in a unique way. With the right equipment and proper training, divers can discover an underwater realm full of life and beauty, while promoting conservation and respect for the marine environment. Buceo Isla Negra is located in San Juan de los Terreros.

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