A villa close to a golf course.

The villa is located just a couple of kilometres from the spectacular Aguilón Golf. A large open space with natural features of vegetation, relief and landscaping that make it one of the most pleasurable places to enjoy in the region.

Type of golf course

Due to the different varieties of relief, vegetation, climate and other aspects, there are different types of golf courses. These are: Parkland Golf Courses, Links Golf Courses, Mountain Golf Courses, Heathland Golf Courses, and in this case, a Desert Golf Course.

These kinds of golf courses are usually located in desert areas, such as most of the Almeria region. These courses require a more complex infrastructure and maintenance than other types of courses.

Conditions of access

This is a commercial golf course, you can opt for different bonuses depending on the number of holes, to be able to enter inside. You can also rent some of the products you need to play, if you don’t already have them, such as clubs, backpacks, trolleys, etc.

A house with a golf course can offer a holiday that other properties cannot. A luxury villa for the most capricious with all the comforts that can be found, close to establishments, situated in the triangle of Pulpí – Águilas – San Juan de los Terreros, and very close to the beach. Renting this detached villa is an opportunity that you cannot miss.

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